celestial wedding veil

Bespoke embroidery and beading

When Meghan Markle glided up the aisle to her prince, her veil was a highlight of her wedding ensemble. Embroidered with the official flower of each Commonwealth member country, it was not just dreamily beautiful, it was laden with meaning.

Embellishments can change the whole look and feel of your bridal or prom style. Imagine cascades of your favourite flowers tumbling down your skirts, silver butterflies dancing across your ankles or lines of a favourite book weaving in and out of your lace. 

It doesn't have to be on your dress or suit. How about the phases of the moon or roses and bluebirds straight from a fairytale carrying a message across your veil?

For something more discreet, how about your wedding date, initials or a tiny motif stitched into your lining or garter? 

I embroider by machine and by hand using various techniques including beading and silk ribbon embroidery. I can embroider any font or design including photographs.

gold stars veil

Cathedral length veil strewn with embroidered golden stars.

moon veil

Celestial veil featuring the phases of the moon.

silver ivory stars veil

Another celestial veil with tiny ivory and silver embroidered stars forming the scalloped edge.

custom embroidered veil poem

The bride who wore this veil for her transatlantic wedding was inspired by HRH The Dutchess of Sussex. Susie, a Brit, and Brandon, from the USA, picked motifs and prose that told the story of their relationship.

custom embroidered veil

The centre piece was a Venetian mask to mark where they met while an Icelandic compass told of the location of their first date. The English rose, Scottish thistle Welsh daffodil and Irish Shamrock paid homage to Susie's heritage while the official US sate flowers of where Brandon has lived and worked portrayed his.

custom embroidered veil

Finally, we included some Sicilian lemons in homage to a favourite holiday and the couple's favourite lines of prose.

blue swallow on veil

I created this most fairytale of veils for a princess bride who believes in love's first kiss. IMy inspiration was the soft, ethereal aesthetic of Walt Disney's classic Snow White, with its roses rambling over the wishing well where princess meets prince, bluebirds flocking to help and, of course, its happily ever after.

fairytale veil

Across the back, blue swallows stretch a dark ivory satin ribbon, bearing the legend, "And they all lived happily ever after." Roses in palest pink and green tumble from the crown to meet at the train edge with 3-D flowers crafted from embroidered organza and beaded by hand.

happily ever after disney veil

Throughout the length of this chapel-length veil, more bluebirds flutter lighter than air, carrying embroidered branches and more 3-D floral embellishments.

celestial veil

With this veil, I wanted to show that lace doesn't have to be floral. Also inspired by the beautiy of nature, phases of the moon depict enduring love, just as Arwen in The Lords of the Rings tells Aragorn that her love, "...does not wax and wane."

lunar veil

This fingertip-length, two-layer ivory veil can be worn with one layer over the face for the traditional bridal entrance and with both layers fluttering over the back of the head.

celestial wedding veil moon

The intricate embroidery in shades of ivory and metallic silver thread also includes delicate beads and barely-there clear sequins for the gentlest sparkle.

Or how about..?

something blue wedding date embroidered on wedding dress

Wedding date embroidered on dress lining as 'something blue'.

wedding embroidery butterflies

Ivory and metallic butterflies flutter on bridal denim.

Always deathly hallows wedding garter

Garter as 'something blue' for a Harry Potter loving bride.

custom embroidery

Persdonalised embroidered lining on a bespoke coat for a purple queen.

custom embroidery wedding dress

Corset lacing bearing the names of the bride and groom to literally tie the knot.

beauty and the beast wedding garter

Bespoke garter for a Beauty & the Beast themed wedding.

wedding date embroidery

Wedding date on groom's waistcoat lining.

wedding dress embroidery

Variegated green embroidery on a bespoke bridal dress for a woodland wedding.

Variegated green embroidery on a bespoke bridal dress for a woodland wedding.